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Let's make the Future

H24TV a new approach to Social Media

The world is moving forward rapidly and communication becomes more and more important.
New media and new ways of communicating are born: H24TV is both.

Its goal? To give everyone, all over the world, the possibility to create their own TV channel.

Communicate what? Everyone can decide the contents of their TV channel, information, marketing, business development, hobbies, because everyone becomes the owner of their TV.

Why all the world? The H24TV technology is very cheap and easy to use, so it can be applied also in emerging countries, where traditional media are less present and their cost has so far limited Communication.

Just some practical applications
Let's start !



Business development


New projects visibility


Which of them will lead this new wave?

Here are the first applications fields opening the way

Retenetvision Project

Retenetvision is a live streaming web-TV based on a "Covid-free technology": round tables organized in virtual studios where all the participants are at home, including the presenter.

It has numerous thematic channels with the participation of well-known personalities in various sectors, particularly numerous in sports commentaries.

Retenetvision live broadcasts are also relayed by some traditional digital terrestrial TVs.

Its H24TV Channel replays the weekly programs.

ARCO Project

The ARCO Project aims to develop a new environment of "digital citizens" in a small Italian town.

The stores will go digital using our "social business platform" to offer covid-free home services.

Digital young people will learn new web applications and multimedia technologies to help shop owners to be online and to develop digital information services for the city.

Older people will enjoy digital games on the web, the simplest approach to the keyboard and the mouse.

Tunisia Handicraft Project

Helping small enterprises to become visible and to show their products abroad is a major goal of h24TV. This interesting channel shows a number of Tunisian enterprises making traditional products.

We hope their example will be an incentive for many companies and associations that have the same visibility problems in other countries.

The H24TV technology is low cost and managing its channels is very easy and don't requires any previous skill. This allows a broad application range, particularly in the most disadvantaged nations where digital technologies have less chance of development.

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